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Sage Hill Homes for sale Calgary - Browse through Sage Hill houses

Sage Hill is a lovely community and is unique in its own way. Read the article on Sage Hill Homes for sale Calgary that was recently posted on that I am sharing here…Hope you love it...
Sage Hill is located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is a lovely residential neighborhood that is bounded by Nolan Hill community to the west, Evanston community to the east and Kincora community to the south. Sage Hill community is among the five communities of Symons Valley area.
The community that is located amid rolling hills offers breathtaking mountain views and scenic abundant green space. Through the eastern portion of the community flows the beautiful West Nose Creek. The linear pathways developed along the neighborhood leads to West Nose Creek that is frequented by wild life. The community is efficiently designed with plenty of parks, kid zones and recreation areas.
Sage Hills Homes for sale Calgary
Sage Hill community has a population of around 2,200 living in about 1000 homes. The majority of the dwellings are single-family homes with an attached or detached garage. Few duplexes are also being developed for multi-family resident purposes. Browse through Sage Hill houses to know that they are built with intricate detailing and with the liberal use of deep rich colors and different elevations that will ensure proper ventilation and scenic landscape from every part of the house. Sage hill homes for sale Calgary have a wide variety of floor plans that give you an option to customize and these homes fit to every life style requirements. Shane homes, Excel homes, Trico and Morrison Homes built by reputed builders in Calgary are also conveniently located in the community.
Located a short drive away are various amenities that cater to all types of needs of residents of the community.  Various Public, Private and Catholic Schools such as Cambrian Heights School, Webber academy and Notre Dame cater to the educational needs of tots and children of the community.  Crowfoot YMCA, a famous recreation centre, is in close proximity to the neighborhood. The community is also home for various small shops, eateries, supermarkets and departmental stores that will meet your household, cooking and grocery needs. Development of a huge town centre that will be highly accessible to major drive routes is in progress and is most likely completed pretty soon. Sage hill can be your perfect destination to stay and start your life with your family.
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Sage Hill homes for sale Calgary
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Sage Hill homes for sale Calgary

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