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Citadel Homes for Sale Calgary - Browse Through Citadel Houses

Following is the recent article on  Citadel Homes for Sale Calgary posted on  that elucidates on the standard of living and resident information on this beautiful and enchanting community.
Northwest of Calgary has a beautiful and renowned community called Citadel community. When compared to rest of the communities in Calgary, Citadel Community is relatively new and was formed in 1993. Since the community is recently developed, the infrastructure is very advanced and the community design is contemporary and extremely modern. Browse through Citadel Houses to know that this community houses some of the stunning residential areas with pastoral brick walls that will be an object of pride for the occupants. The demand for Citadel Homes for Sale Calgary is increasing exponentially every year because of excellent residential facilities that are offered to its residents.
Citadel Homes for Sale Calgary
Citadel has Sarcee Trail to its east, Stoney Trail on its east and west and Country Hills Boulevard to the south. Hence the community offers fantastic views of lush green mountains and ravens. The center of the community has a large green area for the resident’s recreational purposes. It has tree-lined pathways, playgrounds, soccer pitches, a hockey rink, baseball diamonds, tennis courts.  From the central recreational area the roads extend symmetrically as the spokes of the wheel. Thus, the community roads form the structure of a wheel with spokes. Along with the well-designed roads, the community has an abundance of parks and recreational spaces for its residents.
The Citadel has an active community association run by a group of volunteers. The association organizes an annual Stampede Breakfast, a free Winter Gala event, Tots Summer Programs. It organized a group of people named “Ice People” to maintain and deluge the ice on community’s Hockey rink and Free Skate rink. Association also plays a vital role in community beautification project to maintain Citadel parks and gardens. Citadel is a strong and closely-knit family oriented community with more than 10,000 residents, of which around 30% are children. There are number of excellent preschools and schools in Citadel to cater to the needs of children.
Lovely Community... Isn't it? Let me know.
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