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Crestmont Homes for sale Calgary- Browse through Crestmont houses

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South west of Calgary has a beautiful residential neighborhood named Crestmont.  A comfy and snug community, that overlooks a large lake and a splendid locale of Bow river valley and Rocky Mountains, is a spectacular place to live. Located off the downtown’s western edge and very close to Trans-Canada Highway, this little community harbors one of the most beautiful houses. With a population of around 1,500 living in about 450 houses, Crestmont has its own community centre that actively conducts various activities and events and promotesfriendly relations among the community residents. The resident’s hall, which looks lovely with a little fountain and pond, is used by Crestmont residents to host events like weddings, birthdays, private dinner parties and many more.
Crestmont Homes for Sale Calgary
Canada Olympic Park is very close to Crestmont and is a popular recreation spot for the outdoor enthusiasts of Crestmont.Operated by WinSport Canada, Canada Olympic Park was called as Paskapoo Ski Hill. It is a haven for ski enthusiasts, since it boards one of the country’s finest trails for skiing during winter and biking throughout the year. The residents of Crestmont have a ball at this park and have fun all along the year engaging themselves in recreational activities that the park can offer such as skiing, mountain biking and snowboarding. In addition to Canada Olympic Park, the community has many recreational options at community’s parks, play areas and at community center.
Shopping is just next door and favorite past time for the residents of community since Crestmont is closely connected to Market Mall and Crowfoot Towne centre. These are hubs for all the shopaholics in the community, for they feature major retail outlets and everything a shopper can think of. Crestmont Homes for sale Calgary are priced at an estimated average cost of $835,008. Browse through Crestmont houses that are upscale, modern and luxury redefined to suit the tastes of every family.
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Crestmont homes for sale Calgary
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Crestmont homes for sale Calgary

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